• Click to browse for folder instead of prompting upon launch
  • Support for skins
  • Pill mode
  • Rearrange songs and save playlists

Known Issues

  • The position of the app is not saved upon closing
  • The playlist is lost upon closing the app so you have to browse to open it again the next time you open the app
  • The volume of each song starts out at max
  • The shuffle button does not work
  • The repeat button uses the wrong icon
  • The repeat button does not work
  • The play button does not switch to a pause button when playing a song
  • The minimize button does not work
  • Clicking the transparent space inside of a button does not trigger the click event
  • The player wont touch the top of the screen if dragged to the top of the screen
  • On Windows, sometimes a song fails to play, and it shows a popup error message
  • On macOS, the playlist is not in alphabetical order like it is on Windows
  • On macOS, the next song doesn't start playing when one song finishes
  • On macOS, if the app is not focused, then you have to click it twice to be able to drag it